Friday, June 15, 2007


A few years ago, I had whittled down the shows I actually watched to about seven, basically about one a night. (Since Saturday is the telephant's graveyard, I guess there were two on the same night earlier in the week.) Even with my Toobworld O'Bsessions, I was beating that TV jones.

But then, three years ago, it flared up again as I found myself investing more time into taping and watching something from each hour of prime-time every night.

And I blame it all on summer TV options.

Three years ago, it really kicked into high gear for me with shows like 'The 4400', 'The Closer', and has only become a more populated season with each passing year. I'd check them out for the novelty's sake, and would get hooked easily enough by the stories and the characters. And after they ran their course, I returned to the main offerings of the Fall season hungry for something that could keep that interest from flagging. (Which led into 'Lost' and that's what I am today.)

I can't see how somebody can think that just because the main TV season ends in May, that the summer is just that vast wasteland Mr. Minnow harangued about.

Not when I have these shows to look forward to this summer:

'The 4400'
'Burn Notice'
'The Closer'

'The Dead Zone'
'Doctor Who'
(I'm already watching the new seaso
n, courtesy of bit torrent parties, but I'll gladly go through it again - what with episodes like "Blink"!)

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'
'John From Cincinnatti'
'Kyle XY'
'Life On Mars'

'The Loop'
'Mad Men'

'My Boys'
'Rescue Me'

I know there's something being offered up this summer that I must be missing from this list. But for the most part, if it's not listed here, I'm not too keen on it anyway.....

What's coming up on your summer sked?

Toby OB

UPDATE: I knew I'd forget a few. The list has been updated to include them.

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