Saturday, January 6, 2007


When the Union Wells High School of Odessa, Texas, had its big homecoming weekend on a climactic episode of 'Heroes', who were they going to play against?

Does anybody out there know if it was mentioned on the show? Hello? Bueller.... Bueller....?

Could it have been the high school of Dillon, Texas, as seen on 'Friday Night Lights'? The Wildcats vs. the Panthers?

It seems like an easy way for NBC to ride the coat-tails of its big hit, especially as they could use all the help they can get in promoting a highly-praised but under-viewed quality program like 'FNL'.

And it's not too late to "make it so". When referring back to the events of that horrific night, Claire Bennett or her father, "HRG", could mention the Dillon Panthers.

After everything that happened that night of celebration before the big game, I would imagine the game could have been postponed until a later date.


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