Tuesday, December 26, 2006


And if all is right with the world, then agents in Hollywood should be ringing up Karen Zautyk in order to buy the rights to the story she wrote about the First Christmas, which was featured in yesterday's edition of the New York Daily News.

Ms. Zautyk is a member of the Daily News editorial staff, and the editorial page featured her bedtime story about a scared little lamb in the manger who came to play a vital role in the life of Baby Jesus.

No, not as chops and kabobs, you sick puppies!

I read "O Little Lamb, Who Made Thee?" and the first notion that came to mind was that it would make for a great holiday special - with classic animation or stop-motion puppetry or even 'Shrek'-like computer animation.

"O Little Lamb Of Bethlehem" would make for a great title. And there would be some choice voice-over roles to be found among the other animals in the manger for a few stars with recognizable voices.

Hopefully, the Daily News will see fit to run this story every year, so that it will gain classic status. But in the meantime, if you wish to read it for yourselves, click here.


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