Monday, November 27, 2006


With the post "Doctor Bombay & The Lazarus Man", I'll be taking a short break from posting to "Inner Toob".

Thanks to my brother Bill, the technical glitches between my computer and my Toobworld novel have been resolved, and I'm ready to take another crack at editing the fershlugginer.

I've already blue-penciled the manuscript, which was easy enough to do while at work during the slow hours in the middle of the night. But this stage will have to be done here at Toobworld Central.

It shouldn't take too long - not that I expect too many people going through withdrawal until my return! It may only be a week; we'll see. (I will have the December edition of the TV Crossover Hall of Fame induction up at the beginning of the month, however.)

I'm sure I'll be back in plenty of time to begin posting Christmas related essays about Toobworld.

Like why Dr. Bombay decided to impersonate Santa Claus, once upon a time......


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