Thursday, October 12, 2006


In "The Glass Ballerina", Ben told Jack that he would ask him to do them a favor someday, in much the same way that the Godfather would tell those asking him to do something that he would expect something from them in return some day.

And I think Ben will have to cash in that favor sooner than expected - I'll bet they insist on Jack helping to save Colleen's life. We don't know if she died yet from that gut-shot.

It looks like this idea may be correct. A "spy" named "SecretAgentMan" gave out this info about Colleen:

"Will recur. 'Colleen', late 30's, tough, obvious military training. Doesn't flinch when a gun is shoved in her face. Trusts few people on the island and only allows herself to be emotionally vulnerable in front of her significant other."

However, sometimes "SecretAgentMan" gets it wrong. As an example, here's what he also had to say about last night's episode:

"Sun has a dream of her future, featuring her 9-year-old daughter."

it was odd to think that as he watched that footage of the Red Sox, Jack would see Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon in amongst the players as they celebrated on the field.

He'd have no way of knowing that they were there to incorporate the footage into the movie "Fever Pitch"; I didn't know why they were there when I saw the celebrations. So it's too bad the producers of 'Lost' didn't use that to further Jack's insistence that the footage must have been staged.

I guess it would have taken too much splainin on Ben's part and would've slowed down the scene's impact.

Someone named SmackFu at the Ain't It Cool News Coaxial boards made this observation:

"[Did anyone else] Get an odd feeling when the kid who was busting out Sawyer said 'What are the people like...from your plane?'

I wonder if this wasn't a slick attempt by the producers to drop a double-entrendre hint? As in we the viewers and Sawyer automatically assume he meant 'airplane' instead of 'existence'."

It's a very intriguing possibility. It would splain why the island is invisible to the outside world.

According to Ben, and he could be lying, the plane crash happened 69 days before; that it was now November 29, 2004. He told Jack about three things of import that happened in that time: the Red Sox win, the re-election of George W. Bush, and the death of Christopher Reeve. All three events are placed within the fictional reality of Toobworld.

I've said this before - if the show runs long enough, another month will have passed in their timeline. And on the day after Christmas in 2004, the killer tsunami devastated Southeast Asia, especially Phukhet, where Jack had once visited.

I wonder if that's a real-life event that will be eventually incorporated into the reports of the outside world?

Did anybody get a good look at the others who were working that "chain gang" which Sawyer and Kate were forced to join? It looked to me as though the black woman who had been on the beach in "The Other 48 Days" was one of those prisoners.

Perhaps this is what became of those kidnapped Tailies. I've seen online a picture of Jack sprawled out on that table in his cell and the little girl saved by Ana Lucia (Emma?) is standing in the background.

Finally, another poster at the AICN "Lost" board had his own fantasy crossover because of the casting of Paula Malcolmson from 'Deadwood' as Colleen:

"Sun better find Wu in Chink's Alley...
by Mr. Nice Gaius
Oct 11th, 2006
09:00:10 PM
...she just shot Trixie tonight. Swearengen is going to be [BLEEP]in' pissed."


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