Monday, July 10, 2006


Summertime and the living is easy. But here are a few little thoughts to ease back into the blogmill:

Does anybody else hear the music used in the BP Chase Visa card and automatically think of the music used in 'Hustle'?
The most blatant product placement around today can be found in connection to 'Kyle XY'. The mysterious title character is addicted to Sour Patch Kids.

And guess who sponsors the show.....?
Ex-Golden Girls Rue McClanahan will star in a half-hour original series for gay network here! The show, which it targeted for a 2007 launch, will feature McClanahan as the "crazy and wise" grandmother of a gay teenager "coming of age and coming out."

Fellow Iddiot Bobt muses:
The guy on the Suzuki commercial where he's leaving his house, kisses wifeygoodbye, she hands him his briefcase - just like every good wifey does ;>) -and then at the end of the front yard walk is a cliff, he sky dives andlands near his SUV parked at the bottom of the mountain. The mystery: howdoes he get back up there when he comes home?

Well, o'bviously, he uses a catapult! Sheesh!

At, you can have the chance to interact with uber-agent Ari Gold by enduring a job interview with him.

His personal assistant and flunky Lloyd even helps you get your head into the game:"Just picture him in a red thong, like I do."

These are the types of questions Ari clobbers you with:

"What do you want to say to the master?"

"What makes you so special?"

And then after you respond, he demolishes whatever self-esteem you might have had.
Well, I wasn't successful in making the claim that the Josiah Bartlet of 'The West Wing' was the parallel universe counterpart of the one from 'St. Elsewhere'. But I can still stand by the claim that Leo McGarry's counterpart in the main Toobworld became a police detective in an episode of 'Touched By An Angel'.

Now I have another dimensional doppelganger from 'The West Wing'. Lee Garlington played Toby Ziegler's lawyer Alana Waterman in three episodes:

"Welcome To Wherever You Are"
"Here Today"
"Red Haven's On Fire"

In the main Toobworld, Ms. Garlington played Joel Carlington's lawyer in "Passing Go", an episode of 'The Practice'.

Since she wasn't named in that episode, why couldn't she be Alana Waterman.
I guess I can forget the dream that Denis Leary would bring a few of the characters from NBC's 'Third Watch' onto 'Rescue Me' for cameos to show it's a united Toobworld.

In the latest issue of "Entertainment Weekly", Leary used an "S" word to describe it. It either sucks or it's shit.

For the next two weeks, I get to watch 'Alias Smith & Jones' and 'Big Valley'. Life is good.


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