Thursday, April 13, 2006


During one of the flashbacks in last night's episode of 'Lost' ("S.O.S."), Rose and Bernard were having dinner in a restaurant with a spectacular view of Niagara Falls.

It was the only scene during the flashbacks that was set near that natural wonder. (Presumably they live in the Bronx.)

But wouldn't it have been great for Toobworld if we followed them in that flashback after dinner, as they strolled along through the tourist center? Eventually they might have entered that souvenir shop called 'Wonderfalls', which "coincidentally" has a TV show named after it.

It's not like they only make connections between their own characters during those flashbacks. In one from last season, Charlie's girl-friend mentioned the paper company in Slough, a clear reference to the British version of 'The Office'.

The backgrounds for the characters on 'Lost' are so diverse, that plenty of links could be made to other TV shows via the flashbacks for each of them. In fact, I have another one in mind, once again courtesy of Charlie Pace.....

While in New York to promote their first Driveshaft album, Charlie is at an industry party where he is introduced to Hesh Rabkin as played by Jerry Adler in 'The Sopranos'. It would just be a quick meet and greet, and that's all that would be needed to make a legit crossover between 'The Sopranos' and 'Lost'.

As for Bernard and Rose back in Niagara, let's say they did go into 'Wonderfalls' after dinner, unseen by the viewing audience at home. What if they bought one of those talking tchochkes that often plagued Jaye.... And then brought it with them on the plane?

Would the spiritual, living power of that knick-knack have been nullified by the energies of the island? Or would it have been amplified? (I don't believe that the talking souvenirs were only in Jaye's mind.)

And is it possible we've seen this tchochke already on 'Lost'? We know it can't be that toy airplane. That belonged to Kate and it was kept in the Marshal's luggage. Maybe Sawyer already found it and is hoarding it with all the other stuff in his secret stash.

We'll have to see what Rose has hidden away in her purse..........


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