Thursday, December 15, 2005


Sorry that this is running so late - writing the annual Christmas Cracker for the Idiot's Delight Digest as well as getting writing cramps due to Christmas cards have put a crimp on almost all things Toobworldian (save for lists compiled for the Hat Squads and the salute to Dick Van Dyke which was time-sensitive).

This week's crossover is implied, not a legit one has had been the case during November Sweeps.

And it's a commercial, a blipvert which makes a link to one of the more famous episodes of 'The Twilight Zone'.

For the new Black & Decker Sander, the tool's versatility is demonstrated by a man with three arms using it. The commercial is running now obviously because it must be such a godsend as a Christmas gift for the home-improvement sapiens in your family tree.

In "Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?", we learned that the invading fleet of Martians all had three arms.

However, the three-eyed Venusian told the Martian scout that his fleet had already been interecepted and destroyed by the Venusian forces.

So this is why most of the characters seen in Toobworld are not three-armed aliens. (Although I have my doubts about some of the charactes in the influx of police procedurals......)

But some of those in the Martian fleet must have survived and escaped from the fray via escape pods that crashed on Earth, because they were too far from home. Trapped now on this third rock from the sun, these refugees have had to adapt to life on Earth and blend in as best they can, and at all costs avoid the attentions from agents of the FBI's 'X-Files' or from the 'Threshold' project.

Mars has been home to several species of humanoids, but whether they were all descended from the same genetic stock is unknown. The only two Martian species from different shows that can be declared to be of the same race would be Exigius 12 ½ AKA Martin O'Hara ('My Favorite Martian') and Phoebus and Deimos ('The Outer Limits' - "Controlled Experiment").

By the way, the Venusian seen in that episode of 'The Twilight Zone' wasn't actually from Venus at all. As seen in the "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" episode of 'The Outer Limits', Venusians look more like reptilian asparagus stalks.

The three-eyed alien in the diner on 'The Twilight Zone' was actually a Traskian, as seen in 'Farscape'.


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