Friday, June 3, 2005


This news came out from the AP only just about an hour ago....

Leon Askin, the actor who played Gen. Albert Burkhalter in the 1960s television comedy "Hogan's Heroes," has died, Austrian officials said Friday.

The actor was 97. Neither city officials nor the Vienna hospital where he died disclosed the cause or date of his death.

Askin was best known for his role as the Nazi general who constantly threatened to send the prisoner of war camp's inept commander, Col. Wilhelm Klink, to the Russian front because of his stupidity.

I'm sorry to admit that for me, Mr. Askin fell into that category of actor whom I thought had already passed away. I've never been too good at keeping track of the actors, but ask me to extrapolate what miay have happened to their characters, hoo boy!

I'm on my way to work now, but I will think more 'pon this and will hopefully come up with something appropriate to mark his passing from this world and his immortality in Toobworld.


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