Wednesday, February 2, 2005


In one of the flashbacks of the 'Lost' episode "Hearts & Minds", we saw Boone Carlisle in a Sydney, Australia police station trying to swear out a complaint against his step-sister's latest boyfriend, Bryan. Unfortunately, the desk officer wasn't too willing to get involved. (

DETECTIVE: "Mr. Carlisle, in the absence of any physical evidence or a direct complaint from, uh....."

BOONE: "Shannon."

DETECTIVE: "Shannon. We can't just go baring in people's apartments. Sadly, we're the police, not the dating police."

But why couldn't they have been at least the Harbour Police?

From 1996 to 2002 or so, one of the most popular police procedurals on Australian TV was 'Water Rats', which took place in and around Sydney Harbour.

Barring the actual import of any of the actors who played established characters on that show, at least the producers of 'Lost' could have thrown this old Crossoverite a bone by making it known that the police station was the same one used by the "Rats".

As it is, I'm still content in imagining it actually was the same police station, and that the cops we saw in that short scene were either from a different shift, or the other cops known in the series were enjoying days off and vacation time.

It might seem strange that Boone would have sought police assistance from a police station tailored for water-based crimes. But as we saw in a later flashback, Boone confronted Bryan down on the pier, where the abusive boyfriend was washing down the area.

Boone probably wanted to get help from the police who would be closest to the "psycho" (as Boone described Bryan) at his place of employment.

And after leaving the 'Water Rats' station, Boone might have headed straight over to the pier where Bryan was working and made his monetary offer for Bryan to get "lost" himself.

So as far as I'm concerned in a corner of the TV Universe where the rules are a bit more lax, this can be considered a missing link.



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