Saturday, January 29, 2005


While searching the web in hopes of finding a justification as to why I like the new sitcom 'Committed so much, I came across this intriguing item in one of the show's bulletin boards:

by - misfitdoll67 4 days ago (Sat Jan 8 2005 11:04:58 )
Whenever they show an establishing shot of the apartment building where Marni lives I get deja vu. I know it's from another sitcom. Anybody recognize it? "Mad About You", "Seinfeld", "Friends"??

by - dsera-1 1 day ago (Mon Jan 10 2005 20:54:12 )
I think it's Seinfeld. I immediately thought that when I saw it.
~Get LOST~

Could it be? Is it possible that I might make the claim that 'Committed' is taking place in the same building in which the TV Jerry Seinfeld lives?

If you've been watching the show, - and better yet, have been taping it so that you could go back and check out those establishing shots, - let me know what you think!


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