Wednesday, November 10, 2004



The death of a Vegas high-roller in a chartered jet on a runway at Logan Airport in Boston brought together the casts of 'Crossing Jordan' and 'Las Vegas' for the crossover of the week.

It played out like a "Marvel Team-Up" comic book: It began with initial suspicions and antagonism until they came to a mutual appreciation of each other's talents which they called upon to defeat the bad guys.

They even found a way to get the leads to intermingle, commingle and generally make kissy-face without screwing up the continuity of either show.

This was the first official crossover for either show although both of them have dabbled with the concept under the radar. 'Crossing Jordan' made reference to the local church of St. Eligius ('St. Elsewhere') and posited a new line of work for Herbert Viola, the character played by Curtis Armstrong on 'Moonlighting'. (And he never struck me as the leather mask type!)

And as for 'Las Vegas', they have a slew of unofficial crossovers thanks to the League of Themselves members; those people who appear as themselves in fictional settings. As a matter of fact, this crossover had a new one with Snoop Dogg in da house as he scouted the Montecito Casino for locations to use in his new music video.

Other links for the Snoopster include:
'The Tracy Morgan Show'
'Just Shoot Me'
'The Steve Harvey Show'

I have another, more personal, reason to consider this crossover to be A Very Special Episode......

They aired on the nights of November 7th and 8th. November 8th would have been my Dad's 75th birthday.

And the character who kicked off the plotline for the crossover was named Tommy O'Brien, just like my Dad.

Unfortunately for both of them, they were in the same state of existence......

I miss you, Dad.


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