Saturday, November 20, 2004


The alternate TV dimension of 'The West Wing' is different in more ways than just having a far better Chief Executive. (Excuse me for being partisan and bitter, but I'm proud I help keep New York a blue state. And if you don't like it? You can blue me. Bwahahahaha!)

Elizabeth II may be Queen of England in the other TV Land as well as in versions of our world, but Efraim "Eli" Zahavy is the Prime Minister of Israel, not Ariel Sharon. Earth Prime-Time may have dozens of fictional foreign countries, but they don't have an Equatorial Kuhndu as does the world of 'The West Wing'. And the company Verizon was founded two years earlier than it was in the Real World.

So when Bill Hemmer, co-host of CNN's 'American Morning' (with my cousin-in-law Soledad O'Brien....sure!) was seen on the background TV screens during a night scene in the Chief of Staff's office, I chalked it up to another dimensional aberration. Sure, he's appeared on CNN at other times of the day, but those have been due to extraordinary circumstances, like when he led those "town hall" meetings with undecided Ohio voters after each of the presidential debates this year.

This actually looked like he was settled in at the anchor desk as though it was his routine assignment. And since it was at the time of day when either Lou Dobbs or Anderson Cooper should have been on, we can assume that in dimension of 'The West Wing', Bill Hemmer hold down a PM hour on CNN.


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