Tuesday, October 5, 2004


I continue to get my ego stroked:

Hi Toby.

Great blog you have. I am a regular visitor.

Take care funny Toby.
The blog is great, Toby. But I miss your posts to the IDD...
-stephanie twogeeks

I liked the opening episode of 'Lost' too. And like you, I wish it was that full two hour "movie". It looks like it's going to be a story with a sweeping, grand scale. But I hope they give some attention to the details - the mundane stuff like burying the dead, foraging for food, sorting through the wreckage for stuff in the baggage that they can use.
- Eddie
So I was watching the first few minutes of the Presidential Debate, and I was reminded of a quote from the Pilot episode of CSI.

I can always tell when whitey's talking out his ass. It's a gift.
--Warrick Brown
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I heard from fellow fake universe fans over at the "Second Tour Of Finland":

hiya toby!

thanks for the email, as well as the fantastic pimp on your site. i only had a few minutes to read a couple of your other entries, but it sure seems like you know how to take it to the limit--and beyond! much like a couple of wacky music fans i know. ;)

i've bookmarked your site so i can stop back when i have more time to check it out.

thanks again for your support and for taking the time to email us and link to us! :D

take care,
(marie siu)
HorridChairSap pointed out a spelling failure:

six networks, hundreds of cable offering, and the premium channels, the stakes are hight

You know wha? He's righ! I spelled tha wrong!


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