Tuesday, September 28, 2004


TV's original Home Improvement icon Bob Vila tore down Mike Brady's talent as architect during this past weekend's 48-hour 'Brady Bunch' marathon on TV Land.

Vila leveled the TV architect's abode during the 35th anniversary special, saying the six kids were "squeezed into little windowless chambers'' and the Brady bathrooms had no toilets!

"Dad did a real stinky job of designing a house for his big family,'' slagged Vila, who made a 90-second cameo during the special. "Americans saw the house as an inspirational, beautiful house in Sherman Oaks, but if you looked at it closely, it was a mess.''

Other design flaws included a two-car garage that would be impossible to drive two cars into "unless it operated laterally,'' an Astroturf lawn, and a "huge staircase that led nowhere and took up too much space.''

Vila, who is celebrating his 25th anniversary on the air, said TV homes these days - especially those on HBO - are like another character in the show.

"The house on 'The Sopranos' is hysterical,'' said Bob, who stakes claim as host of TV's first reality TV show - 'This Old House.'* "It's so appropriately done and very well cast, as is the home in 'Six Feet Under.' It gives that perfect feeling of how dreadful it is living in that space around the funeral home.''

And 'Sex and the City' is the "Quintessential New York real estate,'' he said. "But Carrie must have a trust fund.''

[The information gathered was gathered with thanks to "Inside Track".]


* I have serious reservations about that claim.... What about the Loud Family, at the very least?

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