Friday, August 27, 2004


Next week on 'Guiding Light', Steve Schirripa will be appearing as himself (Sept. 1 & 2).

This is great for the guy who plays Bobbie Baccala; I'm glad he's getting the exposure to further his career.

But it'll more than likely be bad news for the integrity of the TV Universe.

Schirripa isn't exactly a household name; maybe not even a familiar face to anyone not familiar with his role on HBO's 'The Sopranos'.

So more than likely somebody in the regular cast will have to actually state it for the viewing audience that he plays one of the wise guys on that show.

And both shows should be in the same universe.

I can see it now.... we're heading for a Zonk! (That's what I call such discrepancies.)

Oh well, at least it will tie in to all those other shows in which he's played himself, like 'Lifegame', 'Rendez-View', and when he co-hosted Sharon Osbourne's talk show. But I usually ignore such entries for the meatier, fictional programs. (Although I'm not sure how often he'd be called upon to play himself in a fictional setting.........)


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